Meet Carol

Carol is a "glass half full" kind of woman! After experiencing some personal setbacks she dusted herself off and began a new career managing a tennis center. Her new found propensity for business along with her love for fashion fueled her entrepreneurial spirit. It's a privilege and fun for Carol to work with women to find just the right outfit. Whether you stop by to browse or shop her cheerful personality will put you right at ease! 


Meet Lindsay 

To understand Lindsay's love for clothes, you'd have to know she started putting together outfits at about 2 years old! Lindsay leans towards a classic wardrobe accented with trendy pieces. In her closet you will find an abundance of stripes, shift dresses, dark wash denim and some running clothes to balance it all out. After living in Italy in 2011 she was inspired by the cutting edge of fashion that Europe offers. Here at Duchess she will solve the everyday questions about style and make fashion for any occasion and season feel effortless.